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Pace Charts, Effort Charts, & Goal Times

Pace Charts, Effort Charts, & Goal Times

How to use these tables:

Do a lactate (all out) swim to find your BEST 100 time or use a time from a swim meet within the last 2 years. Use this time to determine Percentages of Effort from the Effort Chart. During practice, check your effort by charting your times on the appropriate line.

Use a 30- or 60-minute swim to find your personalized overdistance times, also known as "cruise intervals". Example: A swimmer goes 1,935 yds for the 30-minute swim. From the Pace Chart you can figure out the pace per 100 is 1:33.00.

Once a pace per 100 is established, use this time to build your own individual aerobic base by doing overdistance (or cruise interval) sets. In practice, use an interval which provides 10 seconds rest (on top of the overdistance pace) per 100 yards of swimming. Refer to the Goal Times 10 chart for suggested actual swim times (not interval times) for each distance to maintain overdistance pace with 10 seconds rest. For longer swims (250 yards+) target 30 seconds rest as shown on the Goal Times 30 chart.

Goal Times Examples: Jane Doe averaged 1:33 per 100 on her 30-minute swim. Find 1:33 in the left hand column. Read across to the right for the times that Jane will try to swim for the labeled distance on an interval providing 10 or 30 seconds rest.
If a set is: 10 x 75 on 1:15, hold 1:05 (goal time from Goal Times 10), or if a set is: 6 x 150 on 1:45, hold 1:34
If a set is: 6 x 200 on 3:30, hold 2:58 (goal time from Goal Times 30), or if a set is: 5x 175 on 3:10, hold 2:36