The Largest Masters Swimming Club in New England


Welcome to NEM

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Your Local Chapter (LMSC) is New England.

Your Parent Club is New England Masters Swim Club (NEM).

Your Workout Group is the group you swim with regularly or wish to compete with.

New England Masters (NEM) is United States Masters Swimming (USMS) swim club. At just under 1500 members, NEM is the largest club registered under the New England Local Masters Swimming Committee (NELMSC), a regional branch of USMS. Under NEM, there are 52 workout groups spread across New England.

New England Masters Swimming, originally founded in 1972, has grown from just a handful of small teams in the area to as many as 90 teams in the past two decades. Some of these teams, called workout groups, have multiple sites and swim groups. Our swimmers range in ability from having never swum a stroke to Olympic Trial qualifiers. All of them have shared the same passion for swimming, friendship and competition, a legacy that has led to one of the most recognized swimming organizations in the country.

Under United States Masters Swimming (USMS) — the National Organization — New England LMSC (NELMSC) is a Regional Organization. Under the NELMSC, there are the Clubs such as New England Masters (NEM). Under Clubs, there are the Workout Groups such as Charles River Masters (CRM), Swim RI (SWMR), Granite State Penguins (GSP), and others.

Workout Group Policy

Effective 4/1/12, all six policies are in force.
1. All NEM workout groups and members must register for USMS/NEM through the NE-LMSC registrar.
2. Any NEM member may create a new workout group by registering it with the NE-LMSC registrar.
3. An NEM member who competes as a member of a workout group must be a USMS registered member of that workout group.
4. A current USMS registration card shows and is the proof of workout group membership.
5. Once a swimmer swims at a meet, s/he cannot change workout groups for that meet, nor change from unattached status.
6. An NEM workout group member may transfer to a new NEM workout group at any time by notifying and having the change confirmed by the NE-LMSC registrar, except as stipulated in #5 above.