Effective 4/1/12

NEM-SC Workout Group Policies:
All six policies are in force.
1. All NEM workout groups and members must register for USMS/NEM through the NE-LMSC registrar.
2. Any NEM member may create a new workout group by registering it with the NE-LMSC registrar.
3. An NEM member who competes as a member of a workout gorup must be a USMS registered member of that workout group.
4. A current USMS registration card shows and is the proof of workout group membership.
5. Once a swimmer swims at a meet, s/he cannot change workout groups for that meet, nor change from unattached status.
6. An NEM workout group member may transfer to a new NEM workout group at any time by notifying and having the change confirmed by the NE-LMSC registrar, except as stipulated in #5 above.

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