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2015 NE-LMSC Short Course Championships Dates

Happy New Year! 2015 New England LMSC Short Course Yards Championship at Harvard will be on Sunday, March 15 for Distance day and the rest of the meet will be on March 20-22, 2015. Keep checking back at for updated info.

BU SCM Champs Pictures!!

Thanks SWIMRI!




2015 USMS Speedo 1-Hour ePostal National Championship (sanctioned)

2015 USMS Speedo 1-Hour ePostal National Championship (sanctioned)
January 1 – 31, 2015

Join NEM in participating in the annual 1-Hour ePostal National Championship. Swim as far as possible in any pool that’s 25 yards or longer in January, track your splits and total distance and submit individual results online with a $7 entry fee to by February 10, 2015. Help us win this prestigious national event for the fourth year in a row!

For questions about this event, please contact Ulrike Kjellberg at

Annual NEM Meeting – this Wednesday!

Annual NEM meeting- 7-9pm at 38 Sidney Street. All members are welcome, food is provided!

Tentative agenda:

1. Minutes of last meeting.
2. Introduction of those present
3. Financials Overview – Sue Cashin
4. NEM News – David Bright/Jacki Hirsty
5. NEM Web Site – Nate McBride
6. Meet Coordinator – Mindy
7. Open Water – where do we go from here
8. One Hour Swim – Ulrike
9. 2015 Dues
10. USMS Convention Report
11. Presentation of Board Candidates
12. Vote on BOD
13. Candidates for Officer positions
14. Vote on Officers

Worcester Area Masters “Miles 4 Michelle” swim a great success!!

Hi Nate,

Wanted you to know the first Worcester Area Masters (WAM) open water swim this weekend was a huge success. “Miles 4 Michelle” was held Saturday 8/23 at Fort Pond in Lancaster.
We had 116 register. Over 40 NEMS registered swimmers plus many local college and age group swimmers. (2 separate swims, several waves)There was over $5K raised to support local USS swimmer Michelle Farnsworth in her battle against a rare cancer rhabdomyosarcoma RMS.

We had so much fun Saturday, WAM will aim to make this an annual event bringing our local swim community together – a reunion, great send off for college swimmers, and opportunity to raise money for a cause doing something we love.

Thank you for posting this event. We are happy to work with NEMS to make this even stronger next year.

Cathy (CJ) Dickson

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Once again, we will have One Hour Swim National Champion t-shirts available for order. The shirts will be made of a nice wicking material and each participant’s name will be individually listed. To see the shirt and make an order, go to, click on “Team Store” and enter NEM1. The shirts should be available for order by March 28th. Wear the shirt with pride – you earned it!

National Champions Once Again!

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the One Hour Swim. You are a national champion! NEM won the national championship for the third year in a row! NEM won the women’s, men’s and combined categories again in 2014. We had 546 participants who swam a total of over 1.9 million yards. We had three individual national champions, twelve swimmers finish in the top three in their age group and 35 swimmers place in the top ten in their age group. Based on the preliminary results, it appears that NEM placed in the top three in 17 of the 21 total national championship relays and we had eight national champion relays. An incredible performance all around!

Many, many thanks to all of the coaches and swimmers who contributed to this year’s herculean effort. We could not have done it without you. You are National Champions for the third year in a row!


Starts & Turns Technique Clinic with 5-Time Olympian and 12-Time Olympic Medalist Dara Torres, hosted by Cambridge Masters Swim Club

CMSC will host a Starts & Turns technique clinic with Dara Torres on Sunday, 3/16, from 4-6:00 PM at Harvard University. This is a special opportunity for former World Record holder and current American Record holder Dara Torres to share her knowledge and experiences with us. The clinic will cover: Flip turns, Open turns/IM turns, Block Starts & Backstroke Starts. This clinic is for swimmers and triathletes of all ability levels. All are welcome. Must be 18 years old. Get ready for the New England Championships in March and spring and summer racing! Instructors will be composed of 5-Time Olympian Dara Torres, Former Olympic Coach Chris Morgan, CMSC coaches, and Olympic Trials Competitors.
Cost: $30 for CMSC members, $45 for non-members. Register online today. Space is limited:

Date of Event: Sunday, 3/16, 4-6 PM
Event Start Time: 4:00 PM
Event End Time: 6:00 PM
Location of Event: Harvard’s Blodgett Pool, 65 North St. Boston, MA 02134
Event Organizers: for more information contact Cambridge Masters Swim Club Head Coach Abe Rogers: or visit our website: and click on “Clinics and Event.”



Due to the extreme weather experienced by certain regions of the country in January, USMS has decided to extend the One Hour Swim competition through February 10. As a result February 10th will be the last day you can do the swim AND it is also the last day you can submit your swim online (whether you completed it in January or February).

If you haven’t yet done the swim, please consider doing it over the next 10 days. If you have already completed the swim, please make sure you submit your results by the 10th!

One Week Left! – WE NEED YOUR HELP – Please Participate in the One Hour Swim!

One Week Left! – WE NEED YOUR HELP – Please Participate in the One Hour Swim!

There is one week left to do the One Hour Swim and we need your help now more than ever. After seeing NEM win the national championship two years running, several teams are gunning for us. This is why we need your help more than ever. PLEASE join your fellow NEM members and complete the One Hour Swim. You are going to be going to the pool for an hour anyway so why not just record your workout as a One Hour Swim entry.

Every yard helps and you can enter your swim from your iPhone! Your swim doesn’t count unless you register it with USMS.
Fortunately, it’s easy. Just follow these four simple steps:
1. Register with USMS as an NEM swimmer

– You can do it on-line at

2. Pick any time between now and January 31st to swim and swim in any 25 yard or 25 meter pool!

3. Have someone record your 50 splits over an hour (you can even stop and rest along the way – it does NOT need to be a continuous swim!)!

4. Submit your yardage online at:– unless you are going for a national record, all you need to do is submit your splits for each 500 and your total yardage. It’s that easy!

Remember, you must register with USMS before your swim in order for it to qualify and for your name to be included on our list of swimmers so complete your USMS registration today as an NEM swimmer! (

It’s easy and it is fun. We can’t win without your help. Remember, what matters most is participation, not yardage! This is the one event where our membership competes as one team and not against each other. We want each of you to contribute, even if you only swim 500 – 1000 yards (some people will do it all-kick or all-skull because of injuries – it’s totally legal – you just can’t use equipment like a kick-board or pull-buoy).

If you have already completed the swim, please make sure you submit it online. If you have done so, thank you! If not, there is still time!

Every yard counts! Again, many thanks to all of the participants and to all of the coaches and swimmers encouraging NEM members to take part in this annual event.

Please help us defend our crown!

Many Thanks!

Frank Wuest

NEM One Hour Swim Coordinator