Help Us Retain Our Title!

Less Than a Week Left To Help Us Defend Our Title! – Please Complete Your One Hour Swim Today!  We were in 2nd place at the half-way mark, but there is still time to catch up.  Our arch rival was in first place and they are this year’s sponsor of the event so you can bet they are focused on it.  We can win, but not without your help.  PLEASE complete your One Hour Swim today.  If you have done it, please make sure to register your swim with USMS.  It does not count unless you officially enter it.  All one needs to do is:

-Register with USMS as an NEM swimmer!
-Pick any time in January to swim!
-Swim in any 25 yard or 25 meter pool!
-Have someone record your 50 splits over an hour (you can even stop and rest along the way – it does NOT need to be a continuous swim!)!
-Submit your yardage online at:

Anyone can do it !

-You don’t need to swim the full hour.
-You don’t need to swim it straight – some people just swam 50’s on a comfortable interval.
-You don’t even have to swim – Tracy Grilli skulled 1500 yards over an hour last year since she was recovering from shoulder surgery (you just can’t use a kickboard or other equipment).

We need EVERYONE to contribute if we are going to win again this year. As we’ve said in the past, participation is what matters most. We don’t care what distance you complete. What matters is that you contribute to the cause. This is the one event where NEM clubs compete as one team and not against each other. The NEM website will list times and locations where NEM teams are hosting one hour swims, but you don’t need to do it as part of a group. You can do it on your own any time in January. WE NEED YOU – Go Postal and Help Us Defend Our Championship!

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